About the Mission Makeover Show

The South Beach Diet joins “Mission Makeover” in guiding six women in a powerful personal health and wellness transformation in Season 3 of this award-winning series on Lifetime. You can follow these women during their 13-week journey as they shed pounds and become healthier, fit and fabulous for themselves and their families.

As the series’ exclusive weight loss/weight management meal and e-tool sponsor, South Beach Diet will guide the women through their personal health and wellness transformation by helping them learn how to make better food choices, the importance of strategic snacking, and how to fuel their bodies to take better care of themselves and those who rely on them. They will lose weight, gain health and feel more energized throughout their transformative journey. South Beach Diet helps the ladies stay on track by providing great tasting, nutritious entrees, snacks packed with protein and fiber and e-tools to help them monitor their progress (put links on each of these to the appropriate pages of the website).

During each episode, a “Mission” will be delivered to the six women, challenging them to demonstrate their knowledge of the South Beach Diet lifestyle and how they apply the principles of the Diet over the long haul. They will receive guidance from experts in nutrition and fitness, including Dr. Arthur Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet, Elise Donahue, CEO of South Beach Diet Corp, and Scott Sturgill, Vice President of Product Development at South Beach Diet Corp.

To round out the full life makeover experience, the six women will also benefit from beauty, style, and life coaching as they achieve a healthier lifestyle while inspiring viewers to do the same.

You can catch the new season of Mission Makeover on Lifetime TV at 7:30 am ET/PT.

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