7 Delicious Ideas for Meatless Meals

Here are seven healthy and delicious meatless recipes to add to your repertoire.

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You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy eating meatless at least once a week. The idea of Meatless Mondays has been around for awhile, and now more and more people are choosing to go meatless even more often. Not only does avoiding meat help to reduce saturated fat in your diet, but it can also improve your overall health and the health of the environment.  Whether you choose a meatless meal based on beans, eggs, tofu or another soy protein, there are many healthy and delicious options any day of the week. 

  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/7-Delicious-Meals-for-Meatless-Mondays-01-403x403.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/black-bean-tostada-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/tofu-eggplant-tostada-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/penne-eggplant-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/Med-Veg-Pita-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/ginger-tofu-salad-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/tempeh-bean-salad-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/Veg-Pizzas-meatless-mondays-recipes-pg-full.jpg

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