4 Delicious Recipes to Change Up Your Rise-and-Dine Routine

As much as you may enjoy starting your day with whole-grain oats, scrambled eggs, or nonfat, plain Greek yogurt, it’s good to switch up your breakfast routine from time to time to prevent the food boredom that can cause you to get off track with your healthy eating plan. From our taste-tempting Almond-Pear Quinoa Breakfast Cereal to mouthwatering Oat Cake Quesadillas, these out-of-the box morning meals will keep your rise-and-dine routine interesting.

Almond-Pear Quinoa Breakfast Cereal
Quinoa, almonds, and pears are not what you would expect in your breakfast bowl, but this flavorful vanilla-scented quinoa combo will have you saying “yay” to cereal again. Quinoa has more protein and fiber than your average store-bought whole-grain cereal, so it keeps you satisfied all morning long, and the almond topping gives it extra protein and heart-healthy fiber. Enjoy this cereal warm or cold with fat-free milk or a nondairy beverage of your choice, if you prefer.

Warm Buckwheat Crêpes with Mixed Berries
To make our Warm Buckwheat Crêpes with Mixed Berries, we cook the berries until they are gently bubbling, then spoon them onto buckwheat crêpes before rolling them up. More berries and their juices are spooned over the crêpes for a guilt-free syrup.

Quinoa Pilaf
A melting pot of tastes and textures, this pilaf makes an energizing protein-rich breakfast when paired with poached eggs, or even eggs-over-easy. Toasted and chopped pistachios add nutty crunch and red bell peppers provide color as well as a boost of vitamin C and fiber. You could make the quinoa the night before and reheat in the microwave to enjoy with eggs the next morning.

Oat Cake Quesadillas
Quesadillas for breakfast? You bet! These lemon- and garlic-flavored oat quesadillas are like having a grilled cheese sandwich for a morning meal. Filled with gooey shredded reduced-fat Mexican blend cheese, the quesadillas may also be layered with sliced, cooked beef or poultry, or vegetables of your choice. Try adding bell peppers, spinach, or tomatoes.

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