4 Guiltless Rewards

Success can be measured in many ways. Maybe you brown-bagged a healthy lunch today instead of eating out at a burger joint; or you got up earlier in the morning so you could work out; or you made a point of getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night this week (lack of sleep has been linked to weight gain!). Whatever your achievements on the South Beach Diet, large or small, you deserve more than just an imaginary pat on the back from time to time! And, it doesn’t mean you have to take a diet detour. There are plenty of ways to reward yourself for your accomplishments without sabotaging your positive efforts. Here are some nonfood rewards:

  1. Treat yourself. Maybe it’s an iPad, a new book, a piece of jewelry, or a flattering outfit. Whatever you’ve been wishing for in the past few months, go for it! Plan to unwind with a day at the salon or spa or get a high-end haircut or new hair color to flatter your new figure. For men, take a day to enjoy a few rounds at the golf course, buy yourself a new pair of slacks, or get tickets to see your favorite sports team play. Or you can invest in something that will help you reach your weight-loss goals, such as a personal training session at the gym, workout clothes, or a new set of barbecue tools.


  2. Enjoy a night (or day) out. A night out with friends doesn’t need to be a food-focused event. Skip the dinner reservations and enjoy your healthy South Beach Diet meal at home. Then go out to see a movie or a play. If you’re going to a cocktail party, be sure to fix yourself a healthy, filling snack beforehand. During the daytime, do something active: Ride your bike around your neighborhood (you’ll be surprised by how much more you see than when you’re driving your car!). Or take a bike ride to a neighboring town and go sightseeing, visit a museum or art gallery, or sign up for lessons in something that will keep you active, like tennis, rock climbing, or salsa dancing.


  3. Brighten your day with small changes. Decorate your home or office with some fresh-cut flowers to serve as a reward for your weight-loss success, or buy a new set of cheery pillows for your bed. Or treat yourself to a painting or photo that inspires happy memories, or to picture frames that show off your "after" photos.


  4. Make time for you. Once the dishes are washed, the kids are in bed, and the dog or cat is fed, make time for yourself. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath where you can meditate on the good things in life. Or, if bubbles aren’t your thing, sit in a comfy chair and listen to some soothing music, or lose yourself in a new book or magazine (avoid the news!). Or, you can simply lie down, close your eyes, and reflect on the day. Think about the things you’ve accomplished today and how excited you are about having an equally successful day tomorrow.

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