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About the South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet, created by noted preventive cardiologist Arthur Agatston, MD, has helped millions of patients reduce their high cholesterol and high blood pressure, lessen their risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and shed excess pounds. With the alarming rise of obesity and diabetes in this country and throughout the world, advocating the principles of the South Beach Diet is a smart way to help your own patients achieve better health.

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South Beach Diet Research
The South Beach Diet was built on a foundation of science. The following studies support the diet's main principles:

A Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet Alters Gut Peptides and Adiposity Signals in Men and Women with Metabolic Syndrome
A study published in the Journal of Nutrition, August 2007, found that 12 weeks on the South Beach Diet resulted in improvements in weight and health for 20 participants who were overweight and who exhibited all the criteria for metabolic syndrome (a condition marked by a cluster of symptoms, including high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, and poor blood chemistry) when the study began.

Study participants were instructed on how to follow Phase 1 (the first two weeks) and Phase 2 (the next ten weeks) of the South Beach Diet, eating three meals and two snacks per day. By the conclusion of Phase 1, participants showed a reduction in body weight, body fat percentage, and waist circumference. Through blood tests, researchers concluded that eating the South Beach Diet way contributed to normalized sensations of hunger and fullness, allowing for the appropriate regulation of food intake and thus loss of weight and body fat.

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The National Cholesterol Education Program Diet vs. a diet lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and monounsaturated fat
In Fall 2004, Dr. Agatston and his colleagues published a paper in the Archives of Internal Medicine (Aude et al. 2004) showing that subjects on the South Beach Diet lost twice as much weight as subjects following the National Cholesterol Education Program low-fat diet.

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A randomized, controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of a modified carbohydrate diet for reducing body weight and fat in overweight and obese men and women
In Spring 2005, a second study was presented at the Experimental Biology 2005 meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. It showed that participants who followed the principles of the South Beach Diet lost twice as much weight as those following a portion-controlled, low-fat plan, and also showed greater losses in body fat. In addition, they experienced significant reductions in triglycerides and their ratio of total/HDL cholesterol.

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South Beach Diet Testimonials

"The South Beach Diet deserves to stand out from the crowd. It promotes the use of healthy carbohydrates, frequent meals, and snacks. I recommend it enthusiastically and often."
– Janis Roszler, RD, CDE, LD/N, author of The Secrets of Living and Loving With Diabetes and host of Janis' Jump Start on

"I started recommending the South Beach Diet after I read the book. I've lost 45 pounds over the last six months and have been able to keep it off. Now I recommend the South Beach Diet to all my patients who have weight problems ..."
– Peter Dayton, M.D.; Physicians To Women, Stuart, FL

"I recommend the South Beach Diet on a daily basis to patients struggling with weight loss, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. In many cases I have been able to avoid the use of medication due to the fantastic results seen with this diet. Personally and medically, the South Beach Diet is the best way to teach patients (and doctors) to eat correctly."
– Marjorie Condon, DO; Family Medical Practice, Ridgewood, NJ

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