5 Delicious Christmas Dishes That Won't Bust Your Diet!

Gather around the table with these guilt-free seasonal favorites.

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'Tis the season for eating, drinking, and making merry with friends and family. But don't let the holiday festivities derail your diet. With Christmas and New Year's just a few days away, we have some healthy dishes, from first course to last, that can easily fit into your meal plans. Enjoy!

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  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/Christmas-Dishes-That-Wont-Bust-Your-Diet-04-pg-full.jpg
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  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/Christmas-Dishes-That-Wont-Bust-Your-Diet-06-pg-full.jpg
  • http://content.everydayhealth.com/sbd2/cms/Christmas-Dishes-That-Wont-Bust-Your-Diet-07-pg-full.jpg

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