Enjoying Dessert on the South Beach Diet

The good news for those on any Phase of the South Beach Diet is that you can enjoy dessert. Whether you’re dining out or eating at home, having a dessert after dinner can be a healthy way to finish a meal, as long as you choose wisely and limit decadent confections to just a few bites. Here are some ideas:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Fruit is your healthiest dessert option on Phase 2, so enjoy an apple, pear, some melon, a banana, or some fresh or frozen unsweetened berries after your meal. On Phase 2, on occasion, you can melt 1 ounce of dark chocolate in a microwave for dipping various fruits. Or try one of these delicious Phase 2 desserts:

The Three-Bite Rule

Finally, we know that there are times when you won’t be able to resist having that piece of cake or pie, or dipping into the cookie plate at a restaurant or on a special occasion. When that’s the case, simply employ the South Beach Diet Three-Bite Rule: Enjoy just three bites of that delicious temptation, eating as slowly as possible and savoring each bite, then pass the plate to a fellow diner, or to the busboy if you're dining out. You’ll soon see that just a few bites of a decadent dessert can be extremely satisfying and you won't feel deprived or crave more. If you know you can't have just three bites, order fruit instead!

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