Family-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Do you love having breakfast with the family? If you do, you’re smart! Studies show that kids who eat at least five meals a week with their parents have fewer behavioral problems and do better in school. And we also know that children who skip breakfast tend to have weight issues and more instances of type 2 diabetes. With some planning, you can easily prepare a nutritious breakfast your whole family will love. Here are some healthy ideas.

Veggie and Turkey-Bacon Scramble

Bacon and eggs is a classic morning meal that can be enjoyed on all Phases, if prepared the South Beach Diet way. Preparing these scrambled eggs is simple: Just heat a little extra-virgin olive oil in a nonstick skillet, add one or two whisked eggs, and once they’re just beginning to set, sprinkle in chopped veggies (precook them if you like), such as tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions, and some chopped precooked reduced-fat turkey bacon. Experiment with different veggies, lean meats, and seasonings (including fresh herbs) to keep your traditional egg breakfast interesting.

Breakfast Smoothies

Breakfast smoothies are perfect on-the-go meals. For one that's good on all Phases of the diet and for kids as well, blend low-fat or nonfat plain yogurt with natural peanut butter, or your choice of another nut butter, and natural no-calorie sugar substitute to taste, if desired. You can also add silken tofu and toasted nuts. On Phase 2, combine strawberry and banana slices, nonfat or low-fat plain yogurt, wheat germ or flaxseed or chia seeds, and ice cubes.

French Toast with Syrup

French toast is an all-time family favorite that can be enjoyed by South Beach Dieters once on Phase 2 or by kids anytime. A quick and healthy way to prepare it: Whisk eggs, fat-free or 1% milk, pure almond extract, salt, and nutmeg in a shallow bowl. Soak slices of 100% whole-wheat bread in the mixture, then cook the bread slices over medium heat in a nonstick skillet or on a nonstick griddle lightly coated with extra-virgin olive oil until golden brown on both sides. Be sure to use sugar-free syrup, such as maple, or create a homemade Phase 2 syrup by heating blueberries or strawberries with fresh lime juice and a natural no-calorie sugar substitute.

Oatmeal with Berries and Walnuts

Whole-grain, high-fiber, low-sugar cereals are one of the healthiest breakfast options for your family and for dieters beginning on Phase 2. Be sure to buy steel-cut oats when purchasing oatmeal because they’re rich in protein, iron, and soluble fiber. Choose varieties that have at least 3 grams of fiber and no more than 2 grams of sugar. Sprinkle the cooked oatmeal with fresh berries and walnuts for added fiber and protein. For additional flavor, mix in a little pure vanilla or almond extract.

South Beach Diet Bars

The best choice for breakfast is always whole foods, but sometimes, you just won’t have time to prepare a home-cooked meal. In this case, consider grabbing some of our South Beach Diet Meal Bars or Good to Go Cereal Bars for you and the kids before you rush out the door. They are a healthy and convenient option, and they’ll keep you satisfied and energized until it’s time for a midmorning snack. Enjoy the Good to Go Bar with a glass of fat-free or 1% milk or 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt for added protein.

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