4 Tips for Staying Diet-Motivated

Hitting a plateau can make losing weight seem like a never-ending journey. If you find yourself getting discouraged, remember that it was your enthusiasm and spirit that gave you the impetus to lose weight in the first place. Since staying motivated and inspired for the long haul is crucial to reaching your goals, it’s important to sustain the drive and momentum you had when you first started to lose weight. Stay on the right track with these key tips for maintaining your motivation — particularly when you hit a slump!

  • Become your own personal cheerleader. If you’ve slipped up on your healthy eating plan and have eaten a cookie or two, don’t beat yourself up over it. Having a negative attitude about your mistakes only sets you up for future failure. Be confident in your ability to reach your goals and celebrate your successes — no matter how big or small &dmash; with some self-congratulatory pats on the back. Remember what a strong person you are, especially when you set your mind to doing something as important as losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Make a commitment. We all get bogged down with work, family matters, and life in general, but it’s essential to make time to focus on what you really want and need. If you’re having trouble committing to your healthy eating plan or your new exercise routine, just remind yourself about why you want to lose weight, and then find ways to keep your goals firmly in mind. Some successful members have reported that making an inspirational list and carrying it around with them has been helpful. Others have suggested putting up visual reminders (such as “before” photos) on the refrigerator or hanging up clothes they’d like to fit into by a mirror or closet door. And many use our online journaling tool to record their goals and progress. Live by your own mantra and make sure it’s powerful and compelling enough to help you break old habits. Some examples are “I simply want to live longer” or “I want to beat diabetes.”

  • Return to the basics. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday diet challenges that we forget about the basics. It can be helpful to review the fundamentals of the South Beach Diet in order to get re-oriented and recharged. Make sure you’re eating three balanced meals a day (that means never skipping breakfast!) and at least two snacks. To avoid getting bored with your meals and snacks, strive for variety. If you know you’ll be on the run and won’t have time to prepare a healthy snack or meal, keep some South Beach Diet Snack Bars and Meals Bars on hand. They’re a convenient option on Phase 2 and beyond, and our new Jumpstarts Carb Control bars, in two delicious flavors, are perfect for Phase 1. Additionally, make an effort to learn some new cooking techniques, change-up your usual healthy go-to foods (have you tried jícama yet?), and experiment with a range of seasonings.

  • Take on a Challenge. When you’re struggling, remind yourself that countless others have felt the same and, yet, they were able to find a way to move forward and reach their goals. You can too! Seek support, motivation, and advice from other members on the South Beach Diet Message Boards. You can also join our South Beach Diet Community Challenges, where you’ll learn how to make significant lifestyle changes so you can lose weight and keep it off for good. Our Community Challenges are posted throughout the year, and they feature weekly assignments to help you stay on track — every day. The focus of these Challenges runs the gamut from incorporating fitness into your schedule to learning new cooking techniques and ways to survive the holidays. Not a member? Sign up for your free diet profile and join the South Beach Diet online program today!

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