Mission Makeover Season 3

Episode 10: Maintaining Your Momentum

Motivation...that’s the word of the week! First, “Eric the Enforcer” — Guest Fitness Trainer and former Miami Dolphin — Eric McDuffie meets up with the ladies to quarterback their training. He applies a tough boot camp-like routine that focuses on the booty — kicking it and keeping it in shape. Speaking of “getting in shape,” Amy Pallack shares her amazing weight loss success story, thanks to South Beach Diet. Then, Truestar’s Dr. Andra meets with the ladies to discuss maintaining their motivation, serving up some beach volleyball with sage advice about staying the course. Finally, Stephanie Arthur and Angela Sloan of Climawear meet up with our girls at MintFit 111, for a stylish, “seamless” discussion on functional yet fashionable fitness wear. These girls will be red carpet ready, in no time!

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