Mission Makeover Season 3

Episode 7: All Work and No Play?

All work and no play makes...well...anybody dull! So the Mission Makeover gals and host, Julie Moran, are spicing up their routine. First up, a visit to Iron Flower Fitness for some kickboxing, salsa and booty bounce — Miami style! After this fierce workout, MM3 Trainer, Matt Pack, re-groups with Vancive Medical Technologies’, Colleen Ward, to reassess their basic fitness & lifestyle data with the Metria IH1. Then, it’s some one-on-one time with Creative Bioscience, as the ladies receive their own customized designer supplement plan. Finally it’s off to Atlantic City for a return visit, as Adriana Martin and the girls enjoy a weekend of fitness and fun...from climbing all 228 steps of the Absecon Lighthouse to a spa visit and finishing it up with a healthy yet delicious meal. Wow... what a week!

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