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May 12, 2014

Episode Guide

Episode 1
The new season of Mission Makeover, sponsored by South Beach Diet, kicks off with a new “twist.” Meet the six women who were selected to embark on a journey towards improved health and well-being. Additionally, meet the experts who will assist the team of women toward their goals throughout the series.

Episode 2
To be successful, the MM ladies find that they must start forming positive habits and that it’s time to break their bad ones. After weeks of working out and getting direction from experts (such as Dr. Arthur Agatston, Founder of the South Beach Diet), we begin to see who is on the right path, who has what it takes and who does not!

Episode 3
With data in-hand and baselines to reference, the MM ladies participate in some in-depth help sessions, to assist them on their journey. The ladies meet with new experts to learn about new technology in health data monitoring, weight loss supplementation, and healthy eating principles. Then, the ladies sit down for an intimate discussion with life coach, Dr. Jessica Leon, to delve into their life issues that might be affecting their eating habits.

Episode 4
Whose mission has come to an end? This week, the South Beach 6 faced the inevitable elimination round; and two were dismissed. The girls shoot some hoops on the basketball court and learn the importance of replenishing their protein from Supreme Protein. Then it was off to Sports Authority, to get equipped for their journey.

Episode 5
Who’s up for some adventures on the waves? The girls take to the water for some fierce competition, with a little help from RAVE Sports. After a hard (but fun) day competing for "Mission Makeover" bragging rights out on the water obstacle course, the MM3 Ladies meet with South Beach Diet's Vice President of Development, Scott Sturgill, for some great tips regarding strategic snacking and why it is so important while following the South Beach Diet.

Episode 6
It’s “all in the family,” as the team heads to Central Park Plantation! The Sports Authority provides the ladies — and their families — with lots of great equipment to use, for a day in the park and beyond. Then, Dr. Andra from Truestar Health chats with the girls about ways they can work out with their family, friends and even pets — all from home! And speaking of “working out”... Braap Nutrition shows the ladies how to replenish their protein after exercising. Finally, better rest means better fitness success... Technogel’s new gel technology in pillows means better “zzz’s” are within reach.

Episode 7
All work and no play makes...well...anybody dull! So the Mission Makeover gals and host, Julie Moran, are spicing up their routine. First up, a visit to Iron Flower Fitness for some kickboxing, salsa and booty bounce — Miami style! After this fierce workout, MM3 Trainer, Matt Pack, re-groups with Vancive Medical Technologies’, Colleen Ward, to reassess their basic fitness & lifestyle data with the Metria IH1. Then, it’s some one-on-one time with Creative Bioscience, as the ladies receive their own customized designer supplement plan. Finally it’s off to Atlantic City for a return visit, as Adriana Martin and the girls enjoy a weekend of fitness and fun...from climbing all 228 steps of the Absecon Lighthouse to a spa visit and finishing it up with a healthy yet delicious meal. Wow... what a week!

Episode 8
The ladies head to Bonaventure Resort & Spa for a day of reflection, relaxation and education. Sticking with the Mission Makeover mantra of enacting “change from the inside out and outside in”... they tap into the “intangibles” that can affect success! First up, meditative yoga with Dr. Jessica Leon poolside; then, it’s lunch with South Beach Diet’s Elise Donahue, to help guide the girls on how to order healthy menu options. Plus, Truestar’s Dr. Andra spends some quality, one-on-one time with the gals. Finally, the ladies take a trip to American Laser Skincare for facials, body contouring and hair removal. Inner winners indeed!

Episode 9
On your mark, get set, GO! The ladies have been training for months. Thanks to the right preparation and gear, they’re ready to take on one of their biggest challenges...their first 5K! Before preparing for their “Mission Milestone,” Avery Dennison helps them monitor their heart and breathing with the Metria IH2. Then, the folks at SpiderTech Taping, Olympic Silver Medalist Dotsie Bausch and renowned physiotherapist Dr. Karena Wu, show the gals how to use the wunder-tape — preferred by both weekend warriors and professional athletes. (Talk about sticking it where it hurts!) Plus, trainer Adriana Martin provides the emotional lift — and final training — needed to ensure their success.

Episode 10
Motivation...that’s the word of the week! First, “Eric the Enforcer” — Guest Fitness Trainer and former Miami Dolphin — Eric McDuffie meets up with the ladies to quarterback their training. He applies a tough boot camp-like routine that focuses on the booty — kicking it and keeping it in shape. Speaking of “getting in shape,” Amy Pallack shares her amazing weight loss success story, thanks to South Beach Diet. Then, Truestar’s Dr. Andra meets with the ladies to discuss maintaining their motivation, serving up some beach volleyball with sage advice about staying the course. Finally, Stephanie Arthur and Angela Sloan of Climawear meet up with our girls at MintFit 111, for a stylish, “seamless” discussion on functional yet fashionable fitness wear. These girls will be red carpet ready, in no time!

Episode 11
How you do define success? For the “Mission Makeover” ladies, it’s about muscling through...and not surrendering. With the help of Femme Factor, they learn about a new pre-workout secret weapon designed just for women. And just how are their bodies doing? Thanks to Avery Dennison, they get to the heart of the matter...with data on their breathing and heart function. And speaking of hearts-to-hearts...South Beach Diet’s Elise Donahue sits down with the gals for a final debrief, reviewing their journey and looking forward to what’s next. We wrap up the week with a group field trip — Mission Makeover Mentors — Jessica, Adriana and Meryl — take the girls on a rock climbing expedition.

Episode 12
This week we finish the journey, as the Mission Makeover experts sit down with the ladies to reflect on how far they've come and what the future holds. It’s a panel pow-wow of positivity! Then, South Beach Diet's Scott Sturgill bids the ladies farewell...but not before providing them with a survival kit, full of tools and treats as they embark on their new, post-show adventures. Memories and mementos continue with Dr. Andi of Truestar Social, as she gifts the gals with a little blue box that’s just sterling! Finally, there's one more reason to smile, as the ladies visit Dr. Robert Stanton of Stanton Smiles. They experience the Zoom Whitening, courtesy of Philips Zoom. Flash those pearly whites and say cheese!

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