4 Smart Reasons to Become Gluten Aware

Millions of people suffer with a wide range of gluten-related symptoms, from fatigue and brain fog to digestive disorders and joint pain, without even knowing that gluten — the primary protein in wheat, barley, and rye — is at the root of their health problems. While only about 1 percent of the population has celiac disease and cannot tolerate even a trace of gluten (if this sounds like you, talk with your doctor about getting the appropriate tests to rule it out), most people fall somewhere else on the gluten sensitivity spectrum.

According to South Beach Diet creator, Dr. Arthur Agatson, being gluten aware is about discovering your own level of gluten tolerance and making conscious decisions about how much gluten to consume. In his book The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Dr. Agatston explains how following a gluten-aware eating plan can help you lose weight and feel great fast — without necessarily eliminating the foods you love. In his Gluten Solution Program, Dr. Agatston advises cutting out gluten for just four weeks, and then slowly adding gluten-containing whole grains and other foods back into your diet to determine how much gluten you can tolerate without triggering symptoms.

Whether you’re experiencing symptoms of gluten sensitivity, or you’d just like to learn more about how gluten affects your health, here are four reasons to lead a more gluten-aware lifestyle from now on:


  1. Improved weight loss
    Following an eating plan like the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution will help you start to shed excess pounds within just a couple of weeks. But it’s important to understand that limiting gluten in your diet does not ensure that you will lose weight, particularly if you simply replace gluten-containing processed foods with gluten-free processed foods. Gluten-free or not, junk food is still junk food. But temporarily eliminating gluten, eating healthy, nutrient-rich naturally gluten-free foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits, and legumes, and then gradually reintroducing healthy gluten-free foods back into your diet — along with exercising regularly and making other beneficial lifestyle changes — will help you achieve a healthy weight as you improve your health.


  2. Increased energy
    Even though fatigue is a symptom that’s not related to the GI tract, it’s a very common symptom of gluten sensitivity. Gluten overload can cause people with gluten sensitivity to feel sluggish and tired, even after a full night of good-quality sleep. But people with gluten sensitivity often report that they feel energized and less fatigued after cutting down on — or in some cases, eliminating — gluten.


  3. Better brain power
    Lack of mental focus, or “brain fog,” is a common complaint that’s usually associated with stress or aging, but it can also be a symptom of gluten sensitivity, even though it’s not directly related to the GI tract. It’s very possible that leading a gluten-aware lifestyle may enhance your mental agility. Many people have reported that they feel more alert and on the ball with less gluten in their diets.


  4. Relief of digestive symptoms
    Being gluten aware and limiting gluten in your diet may relieve, and in some cases literally cure, digestive symptoms that have been troubling you for years, including bloating, stomach cramps, abdominal pain, flatulence, cramping, and heartburn (acid reflux). Some of these symptoms resolve in just a few days of cutting back on or eliminating gluten, others may take longer. But you’ll likely be amazed at the results.


    If you’re interested in improving your weight loss, increasing your energy, boosting your brain power, and alleviating digestive and other gluten-related symptoms, give the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Program a try! To get the real story on gluten and learn more about how it can affect your health (and your waistline), order The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, today!

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