South Beach Diet-Friendly Halloween Treats

Halloween is traditionally a day reserved for horror movies, scary costumes, and, of course, candy — and lots of it! But if you're following the South Beach Diet, you've already taken an important step toward improving your health and setting a good example for your family. Why not consider healthy treats (including nonfood goodies) that neighborhood kids will enjoy and that their parents will definitely appreciate. Here are six South Beach Diet-friendly treats to hand out on Halloween:

  1. Individual packages of trans-fat free "fish" crackers or animal crackers
  2. Organic lollipops made with real fruit extracts
  3. Small bags of trans-fat-free popcorn
  4. Individual boxes of raisins
  5. Halloween-themed pens, pencils, erasers, stickers, bubbles, rings, or bracelets
  6. Dark-chocolate-covered soy nuts or sunflower seeds (Sweet Delights)

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