Don't Fixate on the Scale

Don't be discouraged if your weight fluctuates day to day. Water retention, digestive issues, and even the amount of food you just ate can influence the daily variations you see on the scale.

Daily weight changes are particularly common during Phase 1, when your body is adjusting to your new way of eating. You may also notice that you weigh more immediately after a meal. This is due to the actual weight of the food! Remember that it takes time for your body to digest what you’ve eaten, and it can take a couple of days for weight loss or weight gain to register on the scale. To avoid confusion and disappointment, weigh yourself only once a week and look to other milestones than a number on the scale to help determine your weight-loss success. Take pride in how much healthier you feel and how much better your clothes are fitting. Here are some other ways you can measure how you’re doing:

  • Your overall health has improved
  • You feel more energized
  • Your pants fit better
  • You’re sleeping better
  • You "crave" healthy meals and snacks
  • You don’t crave candy, baked goods, and junk food
  • You have come to enjoy exercising
  • People say you look great!


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