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Lisa Jacobs lost 21 inches and 2 dress sizes in just 8 weeks!

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Losing weight is a big deal. We know what it's like to finally lose the baby weight or those 50 pounds wreaking havoc on your health (not to mention your back). But don't take it from us — take it from our members: Check out these inspiring "before" and "after" stories. They did it, and so can you!

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Lost 161 lbs Jason A.
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Lost 85 lbs Michelle T.
Read Her Story
Lost 119 lbs Amber C.
Read Her Story
Lost 164 lbs Amy P.
Read Her Story
Lost 85 lbs Christine F.
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Lost 125 lbs Amiee N.
Read Her Story
Lost 120 lbs Cynthia C.
Read Her Story
Lost 125 lbs Elizabeth R.
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Lost 16 lbs Nell H.
Read Her Story
Lost 44 lbs Sherry P.
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Lost 253 lbs Mary Jane W.
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Lost 20 lbs Jen E.
Read her story
Lost 67 lbs Kari L.
Read her story
Lost 140 lbs Lori B.
Read his story
Lost 120 lbs Arnie M.
Read her story
Lost 110 lbs Jennifer K.
Read her story
Lost 103 lbs. Heidi P.
Read her story
Lost 150 lbs Jackie C.
Read his story
Lost 55 lbs Gary A.
Read her story
Lost 35 lbs Natalie M.
Read her story
Lost 33 lbs Pat K.
Read his story
Lost 26 lbs Jack C.

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  • Pat

    "I love the versatility of the South Beach Diet. Whether you're eating at home, dining out, or entertaining friends and family, it is easy to provide South Beach Diet options."


    Member Since 2008

  • Barbara

    "I love all the support and motivation I get from other members. I also love the South Beach Diet Community Challenges; they are so well-organized."


    Member Since 2007

  • Victoria

    "Many diets do not allow for what I like to call 'the seasons of life.' The South Beach Diet gives me options and helps me plan for situations when I might indulge."


    Member Since 2011