Amiee N. Overcomes Adversity and Becomes a Positive Example for Her Daughter

Lost 125 pounds

Height: 5’5", Age: 32
Topeka, KS

Throughout most of her life, Amiee N. was known as the “chubby girl,” but little did her family and friends know that behind her happy façade, she was suffering from low self-esteem due to the fact that she was overweight. Once she was married and in her 20s, she often cried over the fact that her weight and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) made it difficult for her to carry a child; being overweight and having PCOS can affect your ability to become pregnant.

“I smiled when people would ask me how far along I was, even though it was my weight that kept me from having a baby. Underneath it all, I was hiding. I cried because even though my sassy clothes made me feel cute, they didn’t help keep my husband’s attention,” Amiee says.

Amiee had reached a breaking point and she knew she needed to change her ways if she was ever going to become a mother. So she slowly lost the weight, and her wish finally came true — she became pregnant with her first child a few months later. But after becoming pregnant, Amiee still stuck to her old eating habits and was eventually diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“After becoming pregnant, I found myself using the excuse ‘Oh well, I’m pregnant and eating for two.’ When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I had to administer insulin three times a day. At this point, my husband looked at me with disgust,” Amiee says regretfully.

Amiee gave birth nine months later to a 10-pound baby girl. Despite her difficult pregnancy and her doctor’s recommendation to lose weight, Amiee continued to gain weight and eat unhealthily. The biggest wake-up call of her life came when her husband left her eight months later.

“His parting words were, ‘You’re fat and unsuccessful, and you are not my equal.’ My world was destroyed,” Amiee says. After her painful divorce, Amiee decided to make the commitment to lose weight for good and improve her health. She knew she needed to change her ways for her daughter now that she was a single mom. She started taking her daughter, who is now two years old, with her on her runs, and eventually discovered the South Beach Diet. Eating was no longer her escape, and living for her daughter became her goal. The South Beach Diet not only helped Amiee lose weight and keep it off, she also improved her health and learned how to make healthier choices.

Soon enough, Amiee completely turned her life around and started eating healthier and becoming more active. After following the South Beach Diet for a year, she lost a whopping 125 pounds and dropped more than half her size — from a size 20 to a size 6.

“I still set goals and remind myself not to treat myself with food. I work around being a single mom and use nothing as an excuse to not take care of myself. My friends have even said that I have inspired them to take care of themselves. It’s not about mourning my wasted past, but about living for a future,” Amiee says.

Biggest Surprise
“I was surprised by how quickly I saw results. The South Beach Diet is easy to follow and the online program gives you so much good advice along the way.”

Favorite Snack
“My favorite snack is bananas and no-sugar-added natural peanut butter.”

Favorite Exercise
“I started putting together a core-strengthening routine that uses my toddler as my weights. The heavier she gets, the stronger I become and so naturally she keeps the routine challenging.”

Most Effective Weight-Loss Strategy
“Substituting healthy ingredients in my favorite recipes has been the most successful strategy for me.”

Most Rewarding Moment
“My most rewarding moment was when I realized that I had beaten the statistics and other people’s opinions of me, including my own.”

Best Advice
“Please don’t give up! You will feel so amazing and proud of yourself when you see your pants getting baggier and baggier.”

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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