Elizabeth B. Stopped Counting Calories

150 Pounds Lost!

Height: 5'5", Age: 26
From Little Hocking, OH

After the birth of my second child, I knew I needed to do something about my weight, but I did not know where to start. At 221 pounds it was clear that if I didn't start working on the problem immediately, I would go on making excuses, continually let time pass, and steadily see the scale go up. I didn't want to end up as one of those middle-aged moms who is only comfortable in stretch pants, so I needed a real, tangible solution that would work with my busy lifestyle.

In September of last year a friend of mine recommended that I read The South Beach Diet. After finishing the book I instantly knew that it was the plan for me. It was healthy, easy to follow, and I didn't have to count points, calories, or fat grams.

I started my South Beach Diet journey that month, and I've lost more than 54 pounds so far. I found the first Phase of the plan both challenging and rewarding – and I lost a whole pant size in that initial Phase! It was then easy to continue with the plan – especially since I was seeing real results.

As a frenzied mom, I'm realistic about this weight loss process and even though I have lost weight pretty consistently, I'm not afraid to see the scale stall over the holidays or on special occasions. This is a lifelong journey, and I know that if I continue to stick with the healthy eating and exercise principles of the South Beach Diet lifestyle, I won't gain when I splurge every now and then. I also like the comfort of knowing that I can always return to Phase 1 if I feel I need that extra kick in the butt!

I really like the person I see in the mirror now. In fact, this summer I was the matron of honor in my sister-in-law's wedding and people couldn't believe how great I looked. Imagine that, I actually enjoyed being a bridesmaid! I can honestly say that I feel a lot better and have more energy since starting the South Beach Diet. I finally feel like I am a woman who my children can look up to and be proud to call Mom.

Favorite Snack
"Sugar-free chocolate pudding"

Favorite Exercise
"The elliptical machine or riding my bike with my husband."

Best Compliment
"My husband telling me how proud he is of me and that I look great!"

Most Effective Strategy
"Visualizing what I want to look like the next time I’m in a bathing suit!"

Best Advice
"Don’t give up when you aren’t seeing results on the scale. Just remain true to the principles of the South Beach Diet lifestyle and you’ll regain your footing, not your waistline."

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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Jennifer K.

Jennifer K. Lost 110 lbs with The South Beach Diet!

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