Jack C. Improved His Health

26 Pounds Lost!

From North Tonawanda, NY

In January of 2003 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately we caught it in time, and I was able to make a full recovery. After the surgery I relished just being alive but still didn't realize that there's more to a healthy life than simply surviving. After putting on 30 pounds, my wife said, "You are going on a diet—the South Beach Diet."

I must admit that at the time, disciplined eating was not something I was known for. As the owner of a catering service, I was constantly surrounded by food—sometimes very unhealthy food. Basically, I ate just to eat, even if I wasn't hungry.

The first week on the Beach was hard, but my wife (who had started the diet two weeks earlier) and I became creative. We began using lots of flavorful roasted tomatoes, sweet peppers, and slices of low-fat mozzarella. Before I knew it, the weight was beginning to drop (six pounds the first week and six the next!) and I lost my desire to gorge.

A case in point: Last Thanksgiving I realized that it was too hard to completely deny myself from partaking in this feast of food and goodies. That understanding, as well as the realization that overeating once in a while doesn't mean you've failed, really helped me control myself. In the past I would have had multiple helpings and then some. Last year I had a little more than I should have, but understood the ramifications of overdoing a good thing. Another benefit: It was much more enjoyable to be full, rather than stuffed!

I've lost 26 pounds and my wife has lost 18. It's been great to be able to support each other. The South Beach Diet is the way to go when it comes to changing your eating habits because it allows us to be human. I still love pretzels and I occasionally eat that extra ounce of steak. Discipline and forgiveness are two great lessons I've learned from following this healthy lifestyle plan. I am truly thrilled with the Beach and my weight loss. The South Beach Diet is for life—life as in living and life as in forever.

Biggest Surprise
"The plan was really intuitive. It made so much sense and was easy to follow."

Favorite Snack
"Almonds and pecans"

Favorite Exercise
"Walking and racquetball"

Best Compliment
"You really look good (weight-wise)."

Most Effective Strategy
The scale never lies!

Best Advice
"Living longer is better than the alternative."

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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Jennifer K.

Jennifer K. Lost 110 lbs with The South Beach Diet!

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