Big Loss = Bigger Gains for Mary Jane W.

253 Pounds Lost!

Height: 5'8, Age: 50
Suwanee, GA

Not only did Mary Jane W. weigh 403 pounds, but her weight was literally off the scale — higher than the scale could actually register. Being so overweight caused her to experience constant pain in her knees, back, and feet and made her terribly self-conscious. With her blood pressure on the rise and a family history of diabetes, this insurance adjuster and mother of three knew she had to do something. When a co-worker offered to try the South Beach Diet with her, Mary Jane knew it was her chance to make an important and lasting change. In just 15 months, she has lost 150 pounds — and gained a new outlook and better health.

Biggest Surprise
"The plan was really intuitive. It made so much sense and was easy to follow."

Favorite Snack
"I love the South Beach Diet Peanut Butter Cereal Bars."

Best Part
"I no longer have aches and pains. I even find something as simple as getting a good night's sleep is easier — and so does my husband because I've finally stopped snoring."

Favorite Exercise
"I actually do exercise now! I do water aerobics, I walk, and I joined a gym. Now I'd like to learn how to play tennis!"

Best Compliment
"I have been flooded with compliments, so it's hard to pick just one! I think the best compliment would be to know that I'm inspiring someone else."

Most Effective Strategy
"I seem to be the most tempted to eat poorly when I am stressed, and exercise definitely helps control my stress levels — which keeps me from regaining the weight."

Best Advice
"I think the greatest thing about the South Beach Diet is the fact that there are three Phases that you can go back and forth between as necessary. This is realistic and lets you lead a completely normal life, so people should remember to make use of that flexibility."

*Participants can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.

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Jennifer K.

Jennifer K. Lost 110 lbs with The South Beach Diet!

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