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Find Out Why 11 Million People Chose the South Beach Diet

Our Breakthrough Phased Approach


Your Body Reboot
See results in your first 2 weeks

Reset your body for fast weight loss

Enjoy fully prepared meals 5 days per week

Get the hang of healthy eating with two practice days a week. Try our easy recipes, or dine out following our guides

Reduce your cravings for sugar and refined starches

Burn fat without hunger eating lean protein and healthy fats that nourish and satisfy



Steady Weight Loss
Keep losing weight to hit your goal

Start adding in more foods—good carbs from unprocessed, low refined sugar. Whole grains. Fruit. More vegetables

Enjoy fully prepared meals 5 days per week

Continue with two practice days a week, adding in Phase 2 foods to make healthy meals with recipes we provide, or dine out using our guides

Transform your body with easy-to-follow fitness tips


You’ve Got This!
Live a heart-healthy life without hunger or deprivation

Enjoy all foods in moderation

Easily follow the basic South Beach principles

Look your best

Enjoy optimal health

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Here’s the Skinny

With this easy-to-follow program, including fully prepared meals delivered straight to your home, you’ll lose weight fast and learn how to live a lifetime of optimal health.

Flexible, Easy-to-Follow Plan

Each week, you’ll enjoy five days of delicious, fully prepared fresh-frozen and ready-to-go meals. Two days a week, you’ll have added flexibility with practice days. Dine out using our guides, or try our easy recipes at home.

In Phase 1, all of your meals are designed to reset your body and deliver fast weight loss. They’re also gluten-free. In Phase 2, you’ll enjoy steady weight loss, expanding the variety of foods you eat each day. Want satisfying South Beach-approved treats? Add our great tasting, junk-free snacks to your order!

Two Practice Days Per Week

This is your chance to practice the principles of the South Beach Diet and get the hang of healthy eating. Make healthy meals following recipes we provide, or dine out with family and friends using our guides.

Weight Loss Tools—FREE!

An app to help you stay on track and see results. A Quick Start Guide. Your Daily Meal Planner. A complete Handbook with tips for each phase. Plus, get tons of recipes and tips to keep you on track while losing weight at our weight loss blog, The Palm.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?