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The South Beach Diet for Vegetarians

Not a meat eater? No problem! The South Beach Diet is a vegetarian-friendly lifestyle. Vegetarians can enjoy their favorite foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole-grain starches, soy-based meat alternatives, nuts, and beans, while losing weight and improving their health on the South Beach Diet. Eggs, low-fat and nonfat milk, and plain yogurt (you can have artificially sweetened yogurt beginning in Phase 2) are also fine for vegetarians who include these foods in their Meal Plans.

The South Beach Diet Online has a special vegetarian section, where you'll find all you need to create healthy and satisfying meat-free meals and snacks. You can also connect with other vegetarians following the South Beach Diet on our Message Boards. There, you'll be able to swap recipes, exchange tips, and get encouragement and support to help you achieve your goals.

SouthBeachDiet.com members can access vegetarian Meal Plans by clicking on the Food and Recipes tab in the top-level horizontal toolbar. From there, link to Vegetarian Meals, where you can access a vegetarian-only recipe search and a meat-free version of the Foods to Enjoy and Avoid lists.

In addition, you can elect to receive a vegetarian Meal Plan and vegetarian Shopping Lists. Simply click on My Account, select Diet Settings, choose the vegetarian Meal Plan, and hit Submit to save your changes. The South Beach Diet Online makes it easy for you to adapt the plan to your personalized eating requirements.

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