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Lose weight on the South Beach Plan

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4-week plan with fully prepared delicious meals, delivered to your door. more info
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Proven Results

Join over 11 million people who chose the South Beach Diet. The safe and effective way to lose weight.

How it Works: A Proven Phased Approach

Phase 1

Body Reboot Week
See results in your first week

Reset your body for fast weight loss

Burn fat and transform your metabolism with a high-protein low-carb plan

Enjoy delicious, fully prepared South Beach Diet® entrees, snack bars and shakes

Specially selected foods and meal plan make Phase 1 easy

Reduce your cravings for sugar and refined starches

Phase 2

Steady Weight Loss
Keep losing weight to hit your goal

Add in good carbs from whole grains, fruits and more vegetables

Save time with delicious, fully prepared South Beach Diet® meals each week

Enjoy added flexibility with two DIY breakfasts, lunches and dinners each week

Transform your body with simple fitness tips

Phase 3

You’ve Got This!
Learn the way to maintain a healthy weight without hunger or deprivation

Enjoy all foods in moderation

Easily follow the basic South Beach Diet® principles

Look your best

Enjoy optimal health

Eat happy and healthy for life!

Eat six times a day. Enjoy wholesome, delicious meals & snacks!

High in lean protein, with heart-healthy fats and good carbs from fruit, vegetables and whole grains.



Fuel your busy day with a South Beach Diet® Vegetable Frittata and whole grain avocado toast.



Grab a South Beach Diet® Dark Chocolate Nut Bar between morning meetings.



Working lunch! Enjoy a side salad with your South Beach Diet® Home-Style Chicken & Brown Rice at the office.



Snack on a hard-boiled egg and carrot sticks before hitting the gym.



Quickly heat your South Beach Diet® Sesame-Glazed Beef & Veggie Bowl, a stir-fry for the family and sautéed zucchini to share.



Unwind with a bowl of fresh raspberries and your favorite show on the DVR.

PLUS! Enjoy a meal out or cook at home!

DIY meals add flexibility to your meal plan. Dine out or make a healthy meal at home using our easy recipes! You choose when to add two DIY breakfasts, lunches and dinners each week..

“The food tastes great.
I feel full & satisfied!”
Sara G.

Optimal nutrition for healthy living

  • Low in added sugar and refined starches
  • High in lean protein
  • Heart-healthy good fats that
    nourish and satisfy
  • No artificial flavors
    or sweeteners

Lose weight fast and get in the
best shape of your life!