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At the South Beach Diet, we recognize that you're not just on a diet. You're on a journey to a healthier new you—and we're excited to support you every step of the way. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Weight Loss Counselors

Our Weight Loss Counselors are dedicated to providing support and motivation through your weight loss journey. They are here to help you to overcome any challenges you may face by setting realistic goals and providing tips on the meal plan, dining out, grocery additions, exercise, and our website. Our Weight Loss Counselors want to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle and hear your successes along the way!

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with questions regarding the status of your order, billing inquiries, making any changes to your order, including editing your food selections, exchanging items, or questions on our policies.

Program Consultants

Our Program Consultants can assist you with adjusting your delivery schedule: including delaying your next scheduled order or stopping your current order.

Nutrition Support

Our Nutrition Support can address specific nutrition questions you may have about the South Beach Diet. They will also assist you with meal plan adjustments for special dietary needs, such as food allergies.

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